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Empty Liberal and NDP promises

Dear Editor,

It is interesting to watch Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP leader Andrea Horwath compete with each other in making ridiculous multiple billion dollar promises to convince voters to elect them premier.  How far will they go?  Right now it is free prescription drugs, free dental care, free daycare, free tuition and student loan forgiveness and a rash of other proposals that we cannot afford.  Ontario is the largest borrower as a sub-national state in the world, with a total debt of around $320 billion.  These items are not free, if they are brought in at all after the election.  After all they are promises of desperate politicians who will say anything to form the next Ontario government.  These two leaders intend to borrow more billions of dollars and also heavily tax corporations.  We already are losing companies and jobs due to the highest electricity rates in North America, and high taxes.  If Ms. Wynne or Ms. Horwath form the next government there will be even more lost investment in Ontario, with the resulting downgrade of our economy and ability to provide essential government services.  Both leaders are insulting the intelligence of voters with such outrageous proposals, and they still have two more months to tempt us with money we don’t have, largely due to the Liberals’ gross mismanagement of Ontario’s finances and infrastructure.

We need to be told the truth about our serious financial situation, not condescending, empty promises intended to attract your vote.  After 15 years of Liberal mismanagement, scandal, debt, high taxes and out of reach electricity prices, some Ontarians have to choose between buying food and medicine or having electricity at all, when we have an abundance of it.  They promise more of the same, and so does the NDP with their equally unsustainable election promises, which are not worth the bouncing cheques on which they are written.  Neither leader should be elected.  Our children deserve better.  Think about it.

Chris Topple