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Durham to host new podcast series

The region has announced it will be hosting a podcast focusing on the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast is a partnership between Invest Durham and Dnext, and is called the Dnext Podcast.

A podcast series focusing on the economic impacts of COVID-19 will be held.

Invest Durham, in partnership with Dnext, has announced the Dnext Podcast – a new podcast series that focuses on the economic impacts of COVID-19 and reimagining the future of Durham Region in today’s ever-changing business environment.

As the innovation and entrepreneur’s podcast for Durham, host Paul Koidis will be joined by key speakers from across the globe to discuss how Durham’s business community can successfully adapt to new technologies and social practices.

The series will look at the future of Durham from the point of view of the innovators, investors and entrepreneurs that make it all happen.

The first four episodes are available now, featuring guests such as Regional Chair John Henry; CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Rocco Rossi; Executive Director and Co-Head of the Toronto International Film Festival Joana Vicente; and President and CEO of the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund Sarah Midanik.

Discussion topics include crisis response, education, community development, investment relations, working conditions and more.

“The Dnext Podcast provides an outlet to have open conversations about the future of Durham Region,” says Henry. “Our community has faced many challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and by having these conversations, we will continue to find new and creative ways to support local businesses and ensure our community stays Durham Strong.”

The podcast is available on Google PodcastsRadio Public and Spotify. To access the Dnext Podcast and learn more about the series, visit