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Deadline to choose between in-person and virtual learning coming up

Durham students and families have less than a week to decide whether they will be doing in-person or virtual learning this September.

Families will have until Wednesday, Aug. 11 to decide which option they would like for the coming school year.

DDSB says the situation for children aged 12 and under is still evolving given there is not yet a vaccination roll-out plan.

If circumstances change through the year in terms of access to vaccines for children 12 and under, DDSB says families will have one opportunity to change their learning preference once vaccines are available, however, the expectation is that families need to decide by the August deadline.

“We require families to decide now so that we can organize classes and staff schools to ensure that there are no delays to start off the school year,” says the board, noting, the staffing process for a system this large is complicated and organized.

While elementary students may get an opportunity to switch learning preferences as things evolve, secondary school students will not have another opportunity to switch after the Aug. 11 deadline.

“At secondary, given that vaccinations have rolled out, we will not be offering another choice,” states the DDSB.