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COVID-19 outbreak at Oshawa retirement residence

A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at Traditions of Durham Retirement Residence in Oshawa.

There is currently one reported case at the retirement residence, which was reported on Oct. 17.

According to the Durham Region Health Department, institutional outbreaks of COVID-19 are those that occur in long-term care homes, retirement homes and hospitals.

With COVID-19, even one case in a long-term care home or one instance of transmission to another patient in a hospital is considered an outbreak.

“As we all know, the second wave has arrived,” says Nitin Jain, President and CEO of Sienna Living in a recent statement. “I want to assure you we are applying what we learned from the first wave to strengthen how we respond to the second wave.”

He notes many steps have been taken to prepare for the second wave.

“Our team continues to work very hard to ensure that we are doing everything possible to protect residents, team members and families,” he adds.

In Oshawa, there are currently 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19, two of which are in hospital. There are currently 156 confirmed cases across Durham, with a total of eight hospitalizations.