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Construction on long-term care home in Ajax on track

(Photo courtesy Lakeridge Health)

It’s been about a year since the province announced a new long-term care home in Ajax, and Lakeridge Health says construction on the building is coming along nicely.

The Government of Ontario announced the collaborative partnership between Lakeridge Health and Infrastructure Ontario in July 2020 to build a new long-term care home next to Ajax Pickering Hospital using an accelerated build process.

“Watching the home come to life each week has been an incredibly exciting time for Lakeride Health and the entire Durham community,” states Lakeridge, noting construction is progressing at a “rapid pace.”

In June, the fourth floor was completed and PCL Construction, the construction partner, began installing wall beams and floor panels for the fifth floor. This process will continue over several weeks as the PCL Construction team completes both the fifth and sixth floors.

Lakeridge says the completion of the final sixth floor is an “important milestone as it signals the completion of the structure of the home.”

Following this, crews will turn their attention to other elements, including its HVAC system and the installation of exterior siding and wall panels.

Lakeridge says construction is on track and on time, and work on the home’s parking garage has also started.

Once completed, the new 320-bed home will incorporate a modern design, as well as infection prevention and control best practices, “ensuring a safe and healthy space for our region’s seniors and the home’s future team members.”