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City seeks public input on “road map” for future

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

The refreshed version of Oshawa’s strategic plan, set to last until 2019, is now available for reading by the public and the city wants to know what you think.

The document, which acts as a jack-of-all trades plan for economic development, leadership, community improvement and environmental friendliness, is set to lay out Oshawa’s priorities and vision over the next four and a half years.

“This is really about a five-year vision that will really help us advance down that path that we’re on now,” says Mayor John Henry.

The plan divides city initiatives into five strategic goals: economic prosperity, accountable leadership, social equity, cultural vitality and environmental responsibility.

Within each of these goals, the plan details certain priorities that need to be addressed.

While these broad terms encompass a wide array of actions, Henry says the plan is open-ended and doesn’t constrain city efforts to simply five areas.

“It doesn’t stop us from doing other things,” he says. “What this is is a road map for the community. This is a vision that we’re planning and structuring, but it doesn’t mean you can’t detour from the plan if something comes up that we need to react to or an opportunity that we need to take advantage of,” he says.

The plan is available for viewing and feedback through the city’s website at