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Reality of the Trudeau government

November 23, 2016

Dear Editor, Federal Finance Minister Bill Marneau issued an economic statement on Nov. 1, being about one year since Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister. Although his [...]

Answers needed on ethanol plant

November 15, 2016

Dear Editor, Being a resident of Oshawa, I have watched closely for the past eight years the ongoing saga of the Oshawa waterfront and the struggle by the citizens of our [...]

Trump nothing like Obama or Clinton

November 9, 2016

Dear Editor, I feel certain that most folks will be extremely happy to put the never ending US election behind us! That said, I cannot understand how Obama gets any work done [...]

O’Toole wrong on carbon taxes

November 9, 2016

Dear Editor, I was interested to see Mr. O’Toole’s launch of a Conservative leadership bid announced with the same misrepresentation that the Harper Conservatives plagued [...]

Looking ahead to November 11

November 2, 2016

Dear Editor, As Remembrance Day draws near, I guess North America remembers those in military uniform who made the sacrifice. Two things come to mind for me. I wonder if [...]

Transit system needs to be fixed

November 2, 2016

Dear Editor, Before I even read the paper and Mr. Arnaldo Beni’s letter to the editor, I was thinking about our transit and what must be done! Mr. Beni is right on all [...]

No trust in redactions

October 26, 2016

Dear Editor, Thank you for the article regarding the two closed door meetings of regional council. When I read the documents, I was very disappointed in what was revealed. [...]

The biggest scam in the region

October 26, 2016

Dear Editor, Many thanks for your excellent coverage regarding the garbage incinerator and the meetings closed to the public. While the public pays the salaries of Durham [...]

Sad to hear about demise of CLAX

October 21, 2016

Dear Editor, So lamentable it was to read about the demise (temporary, I hope) of the CLAX lacrosse league. The excitement of being at a Durham Turfdogs game last spring was [...]
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