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We need to make school more relevant

October 5, 2016

By Bill Fox/Columnist I believe after spending all or part of 40 years teaching at the elementary, secondary and university levels, I have gained some valid opinions as to [...]

Words can certainly be a funny thing

September 14, 2016

By Bill Fox/Columnist Every so often I become a lexophile, or a lover of words. Case in point: Venison for dinner again? Oh deer! How does Moses make tea? Hebrews it. England [...]

We could be doing so much better

September 9, 2016

By Bill Fox/Columnist I recently saw the Michael Moore movie Where to Invade Next, which is currently available on the pay TV channels and Netflix. The film is about Michael [...]

What are Canadian values?

September 8, 2016

By Graeme McNaughton/Columnist The race to replace former Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the helm of the Conservative Party is heating up. Several MPs have already thrown [...]

An open letter to a lost friend

August 25, 2016

By Bill Fox/Columnist For a long time, I have been meaning to write to you about my concern for your health and safety. You see, for almost all of my life, I have looked up [...]

A look back at the olden days

July 20, 2016

By Bill Fox/Columnist I recently got an email forwarded from a friend about “Back in the Day,” and the words we used as part of our vocabulary. Would older folks, such as [...]

Would it not be great if…

July 7, 2016

If new cars came in different colours? I went looking at new cars the other day and was frustrated at the colour selections. My wife would like a red vehicle…the model is [...]
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