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860 – Zoom was great but now?

August 15, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist During the pandemic, I could not say enough about how great it was to have Zoom for get-togethers for family (some in B.C.) and to be [...]

860-Humour from Mike

August 4, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist I have a friend who I’m sure will want to remain anonymous after people read through this column. I will call him “Mike,” and will say [...]

Are you suffering from buyer fatigue?

July 28, 2021

Lindsay Smith By Lindsay Smith/Real Estate Columnist The first offer was $6,000 over asking price. The young couple had hearts racing with excitement knowing they had a [...]

Indigenous wisdom

July 13, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist With all the recent news about the residential schools and children being separated from their parents, I try to reason about why supposedly [...]

What is the truth?

July 6, 2021

Bill Fox By Bill Fox/Columnist Sometimes, perhaps like you, I wonder what really is the truth behind some stories. Here are some of the things that puzzle me today…and I [...]
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