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Can’t have it both ways on smoking rules

Dear Editor,

I am a smoker and I will not apologize for it. I have heard everything there is to get a person to quit. I am becoming very tired of hearing it. I obey all of the laws when it comes to smoking and I only smoke at home and/or where it is legally allowed.

The only thing that I may hurt would be my two cats. They do not have a choice because I do own them and take very good care of them otherwise.

My one cat just goes to the other room if I smoke. He hates the smoke smell. I do not blame him.

I just read in the paper that convenience stores are losing 30 per cent of their sales because of illegal cigarettes and they want the government to do something. The government has responded that they are doing everything they can. If cigarettes were not taxed so much then this problem would not be happening.

I am getting very tired of hearing and seeing complaints from the government and the corner stores that sell cigarettes.

Every few seconds we are bombarded with advertisements about the dangers of smoking. The next thing you know a person is reading in the newspaper how corner stores are feeling the pinch when it comes to sales of cigarettes.

Come on government, you can’t have it both ways! Either smoking is very bad for you and you shouldn’t smoke or the government should not be charging 75 per cent in taxes on a carton of cigarettes.

If this continues, then even though most of the smokers have incomes of less than $30,000 a year, as it is now, only very wealthy people are the only ones that can afford to smoke.

Ron Horner