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Buy local, Oshawa

(George Longley cartoon)

Another longstanding business has been forced to close in Oshawa due to COVID-19.

The Tartan Tavern, which has been a staple in Oshawa for decades, was forced to shutter its doors.

It isn’t the first major pub in Oshawa to close over the last few months, as the Corral also recently shut its doors because of the pandemic.

When the pandemic began, everyone knew there would be losses of many kinds, but it doesn’t make them any easier to watch. These losses are not only personal, but some are economic as well.

As a city, Oshawa needs to come together to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. Buying local has never been more important than it is right now.

While big chains are going to be able to survive the pandemic, it is more of a struggle for smaller businesses.

All levels of government have been making efforts, some stronger than others, to protect small businesses, but for many the pandemic has simply been too much to keep chugging along.

Revenues are down for most businesses as people continue to stay home and the pandemic is now in its ninth month.

There are options which can help businesses in the culinary industry.

While it may cost a little extra, options like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes are giving local businesses an alternative to simply being a dine-in restaurant.

Residents also need to remember most businesses are open and they are taking safety precautions as well.

While it’s important to buy local, it’s also important to remember the proper safety precautions while doing so. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay six feet (two metres) apart while in public. Safety first.

We’ve had to make several sacrifices for each other during the pandemic. Why not make one more and buy local? It could help save someone’s livelihood.