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Blame the driver, not cameras

Dear Editor,

Re: Red light cameras a cash cow

Every time somebody rolls out the well worn fallacy that red light cameras increase rear-end collisions, which is what Ross did, I almost laugh out loud.

To determine the cause of any incident, you have to get to the root cause. If I stop anywhere, anytime, for any reason and you rear-end me, whose fault is it? You’re correct, it’s 100 per cent your fault. If you were paying attention, not speeding, not tailgating and/or driving according to the road conditions you would have been able to stop without hitting me.

So if I suddenly stop because of a red light and you rear-end me, it isn’t the fault of the red light, it is 100 per cent your fault. No different than if I suddenly stop because a kid runs out in front of me.

By the way, our Highway Traffic Act Section 144(15) states that you are to stop for an amber light, so there is absolutely no excuse you can conjure up that can place the blame on anybody or anything other than yourself if you rear-end a car at a red light camera intersection.

Patrick Drumm