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Appointment the way to go

March 22, 2017

Dear Editor, I feel that Oshawa should appoint someone to fill the position for the vacant seat on city and regional council. It could very well be a temporary position due [...]

Chapman is doing it wrong

March 22, 2017

Re: “Two regional councillors seeking PC nominations,” Mar. 15, 2017 Dear Editor, Bob Chapman is doing it wrong! First of all, the recent addition of a Facebook account [...]

Taking money from both pockets

March 22, 2017

Over the last six years, the City of Oshawa and the Region of Durham have been embroiled in a lawsuit. First launched in 2011, the suit came after the city said it was [...]

Routine traffic stop finds gun, drugs

March 22, 2017

Durham police seized this firearm, a semi-automatic 9mm, ammunition and cocaine as a result of a routine traffic stop in Whitby. An Oshawa male is facing numerous charges as [...]

Felon still on the loose

March 22, 2017

Garfathe Kooner Nearly a year after he went on the lam, provincial police are putting a call out for information on a wanted felon. Unlawfully at large since April 2016, [...]

Council chooses appointment

March 22, 2017

Oshawa’s council chambers were filled Monday night for a council meeting that saw Councillor Doug Sanders appointed to replace the late Nancy Diamond at the regional [...]
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