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Airport isn’t the problem

Dear Editor,

I find myself compelled to write this response to the letter to the editor in the Nov. 11 edition of The Oshawa Express, “Nothing will be done at the airport.”

The Oshawa airport opened in June 1941 under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan as No. 20 Elementary Flying Training School RCAF Station Oshawa.

I received my flight training in 1963 and during that period attended meetings at city hall with all the same concerns by people who build or purchase homes near the airport. I believe it is reasonable to expect that if you are going to purchase a home that you are smart enough to realise that you are near an airport and that probably airplanes will actually take off and land there. There will also be commercial air services providing essential services to the city and the industries in our community.

I do think the city has some responsibility in allowing construction of subdivisions in close proximity to the airport but that is something to be taken up with the planning board and is actually academic because in fact they have been allowed.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that some residents are saying, we purchased a home near the airport and it’s noisy, you need to cancel all flying school or move the airport. What are they thinking? The airport has been here since 1941 and here it should stay. If they do not like it they should move to a location that meets their needs.

Bill Carson