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Adding mayors to the street naming list

A pair of Oshawa residents are seeking to have a street named after former mayor Nancy Diamond.

In a letter to council, residents Sharon Young and Robin Burns say Oshawa’s growth has led to many more opportunities for the addition of new street name options.

“It’s important that we begin to recognize the people who have served the city and residents with distinction,” they write.

Young and Burns are recommending that former mayors be added to the list of naming options available.

“These individuals have made significant contributions to the fabric and development of Oshawa, both as mayors and community volunteers,” the letter continues.

They are requesting that Diamond be one of the first recipients of this naming opportunity.

“Nancy served the City of Oshawa and the Region of Durham over many years with love, devotion and distinction, both politically and as a community volunteer,” they write, noting, Diamond also has the significance of being Oshawa’s longest serving mayor.

However, they say they believe all other mayors who have served are worthy of this recognition and should be added to the list for naming rights.

“With proven track records, these individuals have demonstrated their commitments to the city, freely sharing their strengths and talents to help diversify Oshawa,” the letter continues.

The development services committee referred the item back to city staff for a report at its Sept. 13 meeting.