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A frenzy of felines

Oshawa Animal Services takes in 42 of 300 cats rescued from single-room apartment in Toronto


Most animals are ready for adoption. Adoptions include services such as lifetime license, rabies shots, micro-chipping and spay-neuter.

By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

Oshawa Animal Services recently stepped up and took in 42 cats from a recent hoarding situation in Toronto.

Of those cats around half have already been adopted and given new homes, according to the Oshawa Animal Services supervisor Kathy Pittman-Feltham.

However, she notes there could be some discrepancies in the number of adoptions, as when they are adopted through a partnership with Petsmart there is often a delay in updating information.

According to Pittman-Feltham, it’s been determined there was approximately 330 cats rescued from the apartment.

“When our numbers are low, our adoption rates have been really, really high and really successful, which is great, which means animals are hitting the floor and either going home or getting adopted pretty quickly. So, we saw an opportunity when our partners at Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Cat Rescue got involved in this to help, so we reached out and said, ‘What do you need and what can we do?’ and they basically said, ‘We just need people to take cats,’” explains Pittman-Feltham.

She says they initially went to Toronto to take only 30 cats, but when they arrived, she received a message asking if they can take more, and she said, “Load up.”

Pittman-Feltham notes while just more than half of the cats have been adopted already, she expects the rest to follow suit quickly.

“Some are a little shyer, so we’re giving them a little more time,” she explains. “The ones that were quite active and social they went into Petsmart for the adopt-a-thon…which went extremely well, some of them are still at the Petsmart, and there’s a few here that are just coming out of their shell a little bit.”

Pittman-Feltham explains some of the cats prefer quieter areas, and don’t like the busyness of a store such as Petsmart.

She also notes if the current group goes quickly, the city department could take a few more if the help is still needed.

She says prospective adopters should be aware the cats came from a hoarding situation.

“That being said, the cats came in fabulous condition, quite social and very healthy,” she says.

She does note since the cats came from a home in which they had a lot of “feline friends,” it might be best to adopt them in pairs, or bring them into a home with another cat.

“It’s definitely not a requirement for us, but we would recommend it just based on the fact these cats are used to living with a lot of buddies,” says Pittman-Feltham.

For residents of Oshawa, the cost of adoption is $209.50 for each cat, which comes with a lifetime license, rabies shots, micro-chipping, spay or neuter services, vaccinations, flea treatment and deworming.

“Basically your all inclusive kitty,” Pittman-Feltham says.

She also says the cats also come with four weeks of pet insurance.

For those who aren’t residents of Oshawa, it’s $169.50 because there is no requirement for the lifetime license in Oshawa.

Pittman-Feltham asks residents to come out and adopt, especially black cats as they have a lot of them right now.

“We will be promoting them, so watch our Facebook page which is ‘Oshawa Animal Services Centre,’ keep an eye out for the cats up for adoption, as well as the other rescue partners across the region,” adds Pittman-Feltham.